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No Way Out (Jessie Talbot #0 - NEWSLETTER EXCLUSIVE)

Tonight he killed for the first time.
But it wouldn’t be his last.

Homicide Detective Jessie Talbot is trying to enjoy a normal life when the call comes in. A body has been found with a perfect slice across its throat, and with no signs of forced entry to the crime scene, the circumstances are baffling.

While Mr. Cutthroat hides in plain sight, Jessie and her partner put the evidence through the process. But the DNA matches don’t make sense, and now Jessie is wrapped in a confusing case she’s struggling to solve, while a killer walks the streets of Penbrock.

Fast, fresh and exciting. Jessie Talbot is the perfect rival for any serial killer, and she comes with her own set of problems. The balance between these two provides a rich atmosphere and a world so deep you won’t want to leave.


Clean Kill (Bloodline #1)

Lies run thicker than blood.

When Blake Salinger went to work that day, everything seemed normal. His life was structured and routine. All he wanted was a little excitement–he just never expected to be arrested for his own father’s murder.

Caught between the lies of corrupt cops and a silver-haired stranger, Blake flees across Los Angeles to learn the truth of his father’s mysterious past. The deeper he goes, the bigger the lies become. The only certain thing is that he can’t run forever.

The secrets come thick and fast in a new relentless thriller novel. Full of lies and conspiracies, this rocket-paced ride follows a man pitted against his own family, the LAPD and a corrupt government agency.


Missing (Mason Black #1)

The clock is ticking.
They’re still missing.

After handing in his detective badge, Mason Black now lives a stable life as a private investigator. But when the bodies of two children are discovered with messages written in blood, the pattern of a familiar killer emerges.

Now, the Carter twins are missing, and only Mason can help. With his unique knowledge of the killer, he has an advantage over the San Francisco Police Department. While his marriage falls apart, he must choose between repairing his life or opening doors that were meant to stay closed. There’s just one problem; neither solution will restore his faith in humanity.

The Lullaby Killer is on the hunt, and Mason Black is always a step behind. As the trail reveals shocking secrets and surprising twists, you’ll be holding your breath for the entirety of this gut-wrenching detective thriller.


Let Me In (Morgan Young #1)

All he wanted was to stop a killer.
He never knew what it would cost.

Morgan Young only took the small cases – the ones he knew he could solve – but when Detective Gary Lee arrives on his doorstep asking for help, he’s given no choice. Two women are dead, and they have to find the killer before he strikes again.

Before he knows it, Morgan is in the middle of a revenge story that darkens with every twist. While victims are dropping like flies and his abilities are being questioned, he has one chance to find the serial killer, and that opportunity is passing him by. Fast.

LET ME IN is a tense, nail-biting serial killer story with an enthralling prose. Short, exciting chapters and twists at every turn make this novel a great read for any fan of James Patterson, Tess Gerritsen or Harlan Coben.