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FREE: Clean Kill (Bloodline #1)

Lies run thicker than blood.

When Blake Salinger went to work that day, everything seemed normal. His life was structured and routine. All he wanted was a little excitement—he just never expected to be arrested for his own father’s murder.

Caught between the lies of corrupt cops and a silver-haired stranger, Blake flees across Los Angeles to learn the truth of his father’s mysterious past. The deeper he goes, the bigger the lies become. The only certain thing is that he can’t run forever.

The secrets come thick and fast in a new relentless thriller novel. Full of lies and conspiracies, this rocket-paced ride follows a man pitted against his own family, the LAPD and a corrupt government agency.


Dead Ties (Bloodline #2)

Secrets never stay hidden.

Each day Blake spends on the run is a fight for survival. With a corrupt government agency, a familiar enemy and the LAPD breathing down his neck, it’s only a matter of time until he’s captured or killed.

But he’s not alone. An unlikely team help Blake discover a weak spot in their enemy’s defenses, and together they plot to exploit it. With time as their enemy, their only choice is to regroup and take action before their luck finally runs out.

The plot thickens with even more espionage, conspiracies and gunplay than its predecessor. Each page throws a new wrench in the works, keeping you on your toes from surprising start to nerve-racking finish.


Last Hunt (Bloodline #3)

There’s no honor among spies.

It’s been six weeks since Blake Salinger joined the Agency—an organization of elite spies formed to eliminate the unworthy. With his first mission rounding the corner there’s only one thing left to learn; does his father need to die?

The impossible task is set, and Val Salinger still evades his wrath. With his friends gone and Rachel nowhere to be seen, Blake’s determination to end the Agency takes a backseat to his new objective: to wipe his hands of these lies and put his father down for good.

Friendships are tested, answers are revealed and the fate of the Agency lies in the balance. There’s no time to breathe until the final page is turned and the legacy of Blake Salinger is sealed forever in this heart-pounding thriller.