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FREE: No Way Out (A Detective Jessie Talbot Prequel)

Tonight he killed for the first time. But it wouldn’t be his last.

Homicide Detective Jessie Talbot is trying to enjoy a normal life when the call comes in. A body has been found with a perfect slice across its throat, and with no signs of forced entry to the crime scene, the circumstances are baffling.

While Mr. Cutthroat hides in plain sight, Jessie and her partner put the evidence through the process. But the DNA matches don’t make sense, and now Jessie is wrapped in a confusing case she’s struggling to solve, while a killer walks the streets of Penbrock.

Fast, fresh and exciting. Jessie Talbot is the perfect rival for any serial killer, and she comes with her own set of problems. The balance between these two provides a rich atmosphere and a world so deep you won’t want to leave.


One Last Breath (Detective Jessie Talbot #1)

A killer without limits.
A detective with everything to lose.

Homicide Detective Jessie Talbot has solved countless murder cases, but when a body is found with bizarre patterns carved into its chest, a chilling new case pushes her skills beyond what she ever thought possible.

The killer’s name is Zeus, and the body count grows with every move he makes. While a helpless old lady lies in the path of danger, and an innocent young boy from the streets tries to help, Jessie has to fight past her own problems and solve the case before the weight of her investigation finally breaks her down.

Tough, sexy and stylish. Jessie Talbot is a breath of fresh air in the serial killer genre. She perfectly balances police work with her personal struggles, which makes for a unique yet lovingly familiar thrill ride.


Between Two Evils (Detective Jessie Talbot #2)

One killer is bad news.
Two is a living nightmare.

Homicide Detective Jessie Talbot is no stranger to murder scenes, but nothing could have prepared her for two in a row. When a second killer leaves a familiar mark beside his victim, the investigation escalates to impossible new heights.

The Homecoming King and The Teacher seem to be working together, making a display of their victims and causing panic in the city. While Jessie tracks them down with the help of an unusual ally, the killers are busy lining up their next victim with only one thing on their minds: they want it to go public, and they’ll do anything to make that happen.

Jessie Talbot is a tough, sassy cop with unending dedication to her job. The contrast between her personal and working lives draw the reader into a brilliantly dark world of crime, making for a perfect entry to the serial killer genre.