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Never open your door to strangers.

It’s been six years since ex-cop Logan Fox lost his family, and their killer still roams free. Now working as a private investigator, Logan seeks justice on behalf of those around him. For those unable to protect themselves.

For people like Jenny.

When his only friend goes missing, Logan is horrified to find the link to a series of brutal murders in the area. But as he edges closer to the truth, he finds there’s more to the kidnapping than first appears, and that the killer is linked to his dark past.

A past he’d left behind long ago.

OUT FOR BLOOD is the first instalment to a gripping new serial killer series. It introduces Private Investigator Logan Fox, a no-nonsense vigilante with a short temper and a dark history… a history that is about to catch up with him.



Trust is the quickest way to die.

It’s been three weeks since ex-cop Logan cop received a glimmer of hope. A mysterious woman named Helen claims his daughter is still alive, and that her own husband’s killer has her. But Logan’s daughter died seven years ago, so how could that be?

Forming an unlikely team, Logan and Helen pursue the killer together. With desperate hope stealing his attention, Logan tumbles into the darkest corners of obsession. But it’s those around him who must pay the price for his absence.

FLESH AND BLOOD is the second instalment to a gripping new serial killer series. It follows Private Investigator Logan Fox as he loses himself to the past, mourning a life he once lived. A life that might just be reinstated… if only he will risk it all.


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Adam Nicholls grew up in the southwest of England, where he studied creative writing while working a variety of full-time jobs. When his Mason Black series was first published, he quickly became a bestseller and then went on to create a name for himself in the thriller genre. Adam now lives with his wife in Bristol.