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You can’t escape your past.

Mason Black is finding calm, fulfilling work as a private investigator, until Jacob Wright turns up at his door. Jacob’s family has recently been killed in an explosion with fifteen other tourists. The police are baffled as to who did it, but Jacob has a secret he can only share with Mason.

With nowhere else to turn, Mason promises to find the killer and stop him before he targets another group of tourists. But he has to do it discreetly, or Jacob will be next on the list… taking Mason Black and his family with him.

The terrorist is out there with a bomb, and the timer is counting down. Mason throws himself deep into his work to stop this madman, creating a dark, captivating read for fans of fast-paced thrillers.

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Adam Nicholls grew up in the southwest of England, where he studied creative writing while working a variety of full-time jobs. When his Mason Black series was first published, he quickly became a bestseller and then went on to create a name for himself in the thriller genre. Adam now lives with his wife in Bristol.